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High Speed Internet
3 December 2018
The promise of high-speed internet in Partridge Pointe continues to be worked on by your “Internet Committee”. Adding high-speed internet as a utility is our dream to help make our subdivision more functional for every day users and more attractive to home purchasers, and visitors (grand-children).
The committee has been dealing with Frontier and Charter Spectrum and unfortunately neither of them have offered us an attractive option. So, we have renewed dealing with the local internet company SyncWave. They advertise themselves as a technology solutions service provider. Attractive to us that they offer high-speed internet to our neighbors who can “see” the SyncWave antenna located on Ehler road.
At a meeting with SyncWave on November 5th, it was decided to purchase a technology-engineering survey which would include a cost estimate for buried Fiber (FIOS). This survey will also consider other possible antenna-based wireless options. This survey will provide us with the option to install high-speed internet in phases. For example, Phase 1 might be:
1. An antenna at the maintenance building.
2. Two FIOS back-bones. One going to Partridge Pointe North and the other to Woodlure.
3. Runs and modems installed only in houses that are interested.
4. Hopefully houses that are not connected will not need to pay.
One of the committee feels strongly that we should first take a survey of the lot owners to see how much they are interested.  The capital investment of burying FIOS to the front of every lot is about $200,000. So without something like 20 lots at $10k, 40 lots at 5k, or something else totaling $200k, there is no reason to proceed.
The Internet Committee will pay SyncWave for this survey which will map the route and estimate the cost and time. This is like paying an architect and contractor for plan-views and capital estimates. This Phase I estimate will include runs to and modems installed at only the homes that desire investing in high-speed internet.
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