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Community Propane

Now that we have almost fifty homes in the three subdivisions, we are thinking that it would be attractive to remove our propane 'pigs' in exchange for a shared gas pipeline with several 1,000 gallon tanks north of our maintenance building.  It would be nice if DTE would run utility natural gas to our area, but that possibility looks to be in the distant future.
Advantages that come to the top of a short list are:
 1.  Reliability, you won't run out of propane,
 2.  Safety, you won't have liquid propane near your house,
 3.  Appearance, you won't have a "pig pen" in your yard,
 4.  Cost; set by Public Service Commission and you won't pay for it until after you use it.
Not having any hope of getting DTE natural gas in the next five years, we have summarized what having a propane company install a community propane tank and delivery system would look like.  You can see our thoughts on how this might work by clicking here - - Expectations - - .
In order to pursue the idea of installing a community propane system, we prepared this request for proposal.  You can see that by clicking here - - RFP - - .
You can see how the installation cost and proposal details from Company "A" compares with DTE - - here - -.  The unit price of community propane is regulated by the public service commission.

We requested and contacted a group that was currently using a Community Propane System and got this response.
These folks have expressed an interest in connecting to the Community Propane.  Let us know if you would like to be included in this list.


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 Ludington, MI 49431